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he siad it was a joke, should I believe my sister

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OK so like a year ago I asked my husband if he thought my sister was attractive he siad no.. nothing else has been siad ...
Yesterday he calls her out of he blue hitting on her trying to get to come up by herself this weekend as o have surgery and will be in he hospital for 3 days... she siad no ... he then text saying I will stop hitting on you don't be mad and delete all this OK... which h he did on his phone.... she however called me ASAP and sent me everything... when I got Hoke from my pre Op apt and asked him he siad it was a joke to put my mind at ease that they could never have an attractions to each other and he deleted everything because he didn't want to upset me before surgery since nothing came of it .... what should I believe her my sister says it was with true intention
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replied November 2nd, 2012
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From what little you have I would tend to agree with your sister and your obvious suspicion that hubby was after a bit of extra-marital while you was nicely out of the way - of course to accuse him of that would be to call him a liar which is something you shouldn't really do without positive proof...

It isn't unusual for men (and women) to want a change sometimes and it isn't unusual for them to have a few stupid ideas.

It is possible he was testing the sisterly bond in the time honoured fashion of giving out some false information to test how long it takes to come back. People do this in order to discover who is reliable and who passes on gossip - though what motives your husband would have for doing that is something you can only guess about.

Perhaps it was temporary insanity?
Whatever his reasons it was in very poor taste...

Good luck with the surgery!
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