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He says he loves me but just wont b with me.....

If you were in this situation would you...
4 get about him
Wait it out and see wat happens
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Okay i,ve been with this guy 4 3 years for the first two years our relationship was great...lil arguments here n there but what couple doesnt hav those....So after the two years went by he began 2 cheat on me with an ex...After I found out I became very upset but n the end ended up takin him back....Now ever since then my trust in him has been gone n he never stopped cheating after that....

So eventually we broke up....After we broken up we remained in contact as "Friends with benefits" ...This went on for about 3 months n durin this time I became intimate with two different guys....Also me n my ex had a three some with one of my friends....I choose 2 do this act with my friend because I thought I could trust her....

Then I found out my so called friend started 2 sleep with my ex behind my back n they were secretly seein each other behind my back n shes been tellin him about the guys I was intimate with which had him very furious with me....

Now this long chain of events doesnt end here...Now after all of that I'm still in love with this guy n I cant get him out of my mind...He calls me and tells me that he love me n that im all he thinks about but he doesnt wanna b with me rite now....He is still in a relationship with my ex friend but he still calls n confesses how much he loves me...I've even seen him a couple of days wen he goes 2 his moms house...

Heres where I need my advice....Im stuck I dont know what I should do Now I love this guy more than neone else in this world....I really feel like he is the one I wanna b with 4 the rest of my life but I dont know where his feelins 4 me lies...He says he loves me n that he thinks about me all the time but he continually pulls away from me n he tells me he wants 2 c if he could love nebody the way he loves me or am I really his true love....

WHAT SHOULD I DO????????????
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replied September 22nd, 2008
He's lying...

I'm sorry missy but it sounds like he is only saying the three magic words "I love you" for his own "benefit".

Basically I feel strongly that he is only keeping you around to satisfy his own needs. He is manipulating you...

Leave him, get away from him, just forget about him.

He is not worth it.

I'm sorry to say, there are men like him.

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replied September 22nd, 2008
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Walk away, forget about him and don't look back nor waste another second of YOUR time on that lying cheat.

You are holding onto a small hope that what he tells you is true however think about it...IF and it's a BIG if he did come back to you wouldn't be able to trust him.

As Peter has stated, he is manipulating you and I might add you are manipulating yourself as well.

Actually don't walk away, run run as fast as you can. Have a good ole' cry if that is what it takes to get him out of your system....and don't take any calls from him or visits, letters, nada...cut all ties.

Reread your post and just for a moment pretend that it is not about you but some stranger...what advice would you give that person? I would hope it would be what Peter and I have given you.

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