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he has a disablity and I dont, No one will listen to me

I'm 15 aswell and I'm also wanting to leave home, I have been from the age of 10. I come from a broken family which my mother has married my "stepfather" and my real dad isn't on the scene at all. My "stepfather" has a 14 year old son that has Aspergers Syndrome. All my siblings have it except for me, this is really tough to deal with. My step brother is really violent and demanding, he physically hurts me and my family,I cant stand it and this makes me hate my life and ive thought about commiting suicide, but I dont want to go down that path. The thing is, is that I want to succeed with my life, without them dragging me down. My parents are both unemployed and use my stepbrothers disablilty as an excuse. I've told them a million times that i want to leave home because I'm tired of the family violence, I've even asked to be put into CYFS care. I have an amazing boyfriend and his family is great, his mum would take me in, in a heartbeat but I dont feel this would be the best option. Also, my parents would try to stop me as they have before. I've had enough of crying so much and getting physically attacked by my brother. I try to tell my parents but they always say you dont know how hard it is for us either and that he has a disablity and I dont, that he doesnt know any better. No one will listen to me, even when it gets serious. Can someone please give me some advice or something? Because I dont know what else to do. Im tired of feeling like I'm talking to a brick wall or in a room with no doors trying to get out.
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