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he fingered me. I've missed my period

Hi everyone. I'm fairly young (just turned 18 in December) and have a wonderful new boyfriend. We've been fooling around lately but I've told him that I do not want to have sex. I have been wanting to get pregnancy pills to prevent from getting pregnant but being in school, it's very hard to get to go there. Last month, we were fooling around and I (to be quite frank) gave him a blowjob and he fingered me in return. I've missed my period and I'm getting a lot of symptoms of pregnancy such as being gassy, cramps and dizziness. I am really beginning to worry here and if you could help me and see how possible it would be, that would help me so much. I am freaking out here. I know there is a possibility of getting pregnant but I'm always super careful. Any advice would help tremendously! Thank you!
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replied March 3rd, 2015
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It's possible to psych yourself into a hormone surge that mimics pregnancy. It's not very likely that your fooling around as described would get you pregnant. Are you sure he did not get his penis near your vagina after the blow job, or have semen on his hand while fingering? For your peace of mind you need to run a home pregnancy test - not that expensive and easy enough to obtain. Get some condoms at the same time. GL!
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