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he feels like a light switch is being switched off and on

Hello, My father is 67, not on any medication and has no previous medical notes of concern. For the past month he has been experiencing moments, lasting a minute or two where he feels strange and has to sit down. He describes it that he feels like a light switch is being switched off and on again in his head, he loses concentration and awareness of those around him and can't speak while he regains himself. He says he doesn't feel dizzy when they occur and is confused at the time they happen. He feels like he will pass out but hasn't ever passed out. The docs have run basic blood tests and extra tests for diabetes but nothing came back amiss. We are at a loss of what to suggest next as he is experiencing these episodes 3-4 times a day most days. Anyone experienced anything similar? Thanks for reading and any suggestions.
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replied December 6th, 2012
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From your description of your father's symptoms it is concerning that he has something going on in the brain. He may be having TIAs (transient ischemic attacks) or even small strokes.

You might want to have him seen by a neurologist. He may also need an MRI of the brain (or a CT scan). He may also need to see a cardiologist or vascular surgeon, to make sure that his heart is okay, as well as the carotid arteries in the neck. He may need an echocardiogram and/or Doppler studies (ultrasound) on the arteries.

Hope he is doing okay. Good luck.
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