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he closest thing that matched my bumps were measles

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ok so i'm only 15 and one night i was tryin to go to bed when i felt itchy so I itched my arms but then my back, my inner thigh and near my armpits i started getting these red bumps and oh my gosh they itched like crazy! It came to the point where i nearly started crying because of the itching.but sure enough i fell asleep and woke up today and the bumps were gone! I was confused and then tonight right now as i write the bumps came back this time in all the same places plus my neck and behind my knee but i have no idea what this is. I did some research but the closest thing that matched my bumps were measles but my grandma said they weren't so i dont know what to do someone help please?
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replied June 26th, 2011
have you changed laundry detergent recently? any chance you've got some kind of bugs around? are you allergic to something that could have ended up on your sheets or in your room?

if this is only happening in your bed, then it's related to your bed. i had this problem once but i itched all over. it happened two nights in a row while visiting my dad, and then i went back home. i never knew if it was the sheets, or a coincidental bug bite two nights in a row.

you should try sleeping on your couch or something tomorrow, and if you dont have any bumps.. go from there.

good luck! if you're having the same problem i had, i know its awful.
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