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He broke up with me after all the things we went through

I was in a realationship with my boyfriend for 2 years. In the end we always agured always about the same thing. He would text other girls saying he wanted to meet them and what not. I found the texts and asked him about it, I was so hurt and cryed. I tryed to leave him but we talked and he promised he would stop so i stayed. Then a couple of weeks later I found him doing ot again.
Then he went to jail and I finally got the power to leave him. But we kept in contact with each others. I met another guy who was good to me but that feeling was not there that i had with my other boyfriend. I still had so much love for him. So when he got out he came to me and asked for another chance. I said no many times, then finally decide to give him one. I told my boyfriend that i wanted to give my ex another chance. So we started to rebuild are realtionship again.
Everything was good in the begining he chaged a lot, said alot to me. We had many talks before we started on us again. He always had my heart from the begining and I never stopped loving him.
After awhile he started drinking and doing the things he used to do all over again. We started fighting always about the same thing. The texting thing to other girls. He said sorry many times to me, I cryed alot and he always said sorry. It happened again and again. Then we finally sat down and talked about it, I told him that I don't want to be hurt anymore and aske him what he wants?
He said that he wants to break up but then at the same time he don't, because we have to much history together. We said we would try us again. Then one night he texted me and said he don't want to do us anymore. I was so hurt and still am.
The worst thing is that I might be pregant, he knows but still wants to leave. I haven't gotten my period for over a month almost 2 months now. I don't know what to do because I am so hurt at the fact after everything we been through he just leaves me. After I was the one that gave him a 2nd chance out of my heart and chose him over someone else. Now I just feel used and feeo like no one cares for me. He took everything that I had, my respect for myself, my love, my trust for anyone, and my happyness.
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replied December 10th, 2011
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Hello 520 girl,

Your boyfriend girl didn't take anything from you. You gave it ALL to him volunteerily. How many ways does a man have to show you he doesn't value you as a human being? The texting other girls while he is in a relationsip with you, the lying, going to jail because he can't even be a productive citizen and respect other people let along you. This is a relationship which requires you to use your head not your heart. Now you probably are pregnant, unfortunately with his you will never be free of him. You let the best guy get away. Sad

Good Luck,

Faded Rose
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replied December 12th, 2011
I just found out that I was pregnant, and I told him. We have been talking but he can't make up his mind what he wants. He well say he wants to be with me and then after I leave he well say he don't want to and he is still thinking. Its like he is just playing games with my head, & I am so lost right now. I haven't talked or told anyone about this yet. But I can just feel all of this building up inside me, and sometimes I am just lost minded.
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