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he became unresponsive. Panic Attack?

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My husband and I were making dinner and he was leaned up against the counter. He said he felt he might have a panic attack and said he needed to release a nerve and began poking a nerve in the eye cavity. After a minute or so he became unresponsive. I could not get his arm to move away from his eye. It was completely locked up. I reached behind him and got cold water out of the faucet to splash on his face and neck. Still no response. I tried checking his pupils but it was extremely difficult to see them. His breathing was irregular and inconsistent. This lasted for 10 minutes , I was getting ready to call 911 considering I couldn't get any response. His heart rate seemed fine.
Finally he came to, and doesn't remember even feeling a panic attack coming on, or telling me about it .
I grabbed a bag of frozen peas and sat him outside in a chair to cool off. He said he was very hot and I gave him some water. I walked inside to turn off the stove and when I turned around he was walking thru the door and fell on the couch. I had him sit up... He was fairly responsive but he was speaking slowly, almost as if he was half asleep. I kept talking to him and finally he came to, and doesn't remember ANYTHING after us initially walking into the kitchen to make dinner. I'm scared but he insists it was a panic attack. What should we do?
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replied March 26th, 2012
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Yeah, that doesn't sound like any panic attack I've ever experienced or even heard about...and frankly, that whole eye things bothers me. I'd suggest getting him to a doctor--assuming for the moment that it wasn't a panic attack, you need to find out what's really going on.
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