Hi, can anyone tell me if there is a trusted website which provides hcg for weight loss? Razz
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replied March 24th, 2011
I have published a ton of HCG information at my website. I personally have lost over 45 pounds of fat in a very short time.

If you think the HCG program is for you, make sure your read about the different diet phases. It is a very low calorie eating program. Most people are in disbelief when they hear how many calories you consume. However, since you are living off the fat your body is using for energy, you really don't get any hungrier than usual, although as my friend says, "I am not hungry but I want to eat" ---so very true. However, if you stick with the program , the payoff is almost immediate..follow the diet today and you will lose a pound tomorrow - unlike traditional diets that might show weight loss once a week.

Anyway, I took the homeopathic HCG, not the injections. The injections are much more expensive, more prone to side effects and you have a limited amount of time you can stay on it.

With the homeopathic formula, you stay on it until your weight loss slows down, then take a break for a week or two before your get back on it.

My average weight loss was 5 pounds per week. Not quite the "pound per day" that is advertised but considering I was unable to lose before the program I am ecstatic at my results.

You do have to follow the eating protocol very closely or you won't get the results you want. So even if you think "a little bite of this won't hurt", it actually will.

Well, good luck. Feel free to PM me with any questions. I am more than happy to help.

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