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I am 14yrs old and weigh 48kgs
about 1m 70cm tall
i choked on a piece of meat about a year ago quite badly and had a panic attack but then was fine till this year i chocked again and broke down. since then i havent been eating properly and i know i need to eat more because i am losing wieght quite rapidly but im finding it extremly hard to swallow my food doesnt go all they way down in one swallow like it should. i have had this problem for just over a month. i do soccer about 10 times a week so need to stay healthy but cant eat bread, meats or anything dry, or anything that doesnt dissolve in my mouth.
what should i do Question
Should i see a doctor Question doctor
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replied March 13th, 2012
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Hi newyork14 and welcome to ehealth: Yes, see your doctor...This could be a medical problem or possible panic attack that is impacting your health....Please check it out...Take care...

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