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Having sex with older ladies & Mental effects

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Hi there,

First of all, I am really thankful for the forum to provide such a platform to simply and comfortably ask questions and get back the feedback from educated and experienced seniors.

I am 29 years old. I am student and quite educated with normal looking and appearance but at the same very humble. I am planning for a long time to have a young (or suitable age) girl friend or lover for my future as I am growing older and I really think I need someone to love.
I am a very romantic person full of love feelings however maybe a a little adventurous in having sex as well. I have never had the opportunity to love someone in my life or if I had the girl doesn't like to be with me.

In the recent years (from 25 years old) I got disappointed in finding young girls for exchanging feelings and in return I was so much successful in having relationships with ladies above 35 years old. They had attached to me so badly after knowing me and sleeping with me.

Unfortunately, These relationships have had negative effects on my mentality and as a result I have totally lost my confidence about the young girls and finding a person suitable to myself around my age. However, I had spent my life with somehow adventurous sex stories with others but as I am a kind of a guy who always look into the future it is hurting me that I think I cannot continue like that.

I feel to be the sex slave and victims of the older ladies, however at the same time I know they also sacrifice for me as sex is a two-way behavior.

Young and pretty girls became totally unimportant to me as I can only imagine them in my dreams and not in reality. I have lost my confidence, hope and excitement for having one of them just like my classmates or friends.

Please kindly make your comment/advice and inform me if I have to change my attitude towards having sex with older ladies or still I can continue. I am really concern of having the long-term effects of such relationships in my life.

I am a passionate guy, full of feelings and love that I like to show to a young girl who loves me as well and not to the older ladies who want only to enjoy with me.

Thank you in advance!
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replied November 8th, 2012
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Hello David,

If you do not have a significant number of female friends around your own age it will be unlikely you will find romantic attachment in that age group...
The obvious answer is you should spend your time surrounding yourself with friends in your age group instead of spending time with older women.

It is a fact that some people simply do not find a rapport with their peers and gravitate towards another age group by default.
I know one man who could only find romantic partners either ten years his junior or ten years his senior and eventually married an older woman.
I personally find a similar thing where an easier rapport is with my seniors...

It is possible the ability to make friends your own age has not been granted you or you haven't the knowledge of how to be a good friend/boyfriend or it socially hasn't been possible to mix with your peers but gaining sexual experience from older women is somewhat enviable.

I doubt your statement claiming to be a sex slave to such women - I have never heard of a 29 year old man being a sex slave to anyone!
If you are friends with some such older women you should ask them for advice about your hopes and problems.

Good luck!
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