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Having a lot of trouble recovering from an eating disorder?

I am 16 and am independently recovering from anorexia. It never got to the point where I became a skeleton, because my parents recognized it from the beginning, but I would eat at strict times, only eat when my stomach was rumbling and made sure I had small meals, and that my stomach was rumbling at least a bit when I went to bed each night, sometimes I skipped dinner or replaced it with carrots to do so. My period stopped, I was always cold, I became pale and weak and my clothes quickly became from normal to baggy. Anyway, about 3 days ago my parents talked to me and convinced me to stop, but it really isn't that easy, as I don't know how much to eat or when to eat or what to eat and whether or not I'm hungry, plus that voice in my head won't leave me alone- I can't stop thinking about food.

Other than that, I become bloated when I eat. When I just wake up I'm fine, and then during the day my stomach becomes bigger and bigger until at night it's popping out really far, which is one thing I am afraid of because it makes me look as though I have a huge stomach (which, temporarily, I do), which sets of my need to stop eating. I am also constipated, I haven't gotten my period yet (it's only been 3 days since I stopped starving myself, though) and (sorry for the details!!) I have a lot of gas which makes me really uncomfortable in public places.

As I said before, I don't know when to eat or what to eat. It seems like I am always hungry or I want to eat, and I don't know whether I am really hungry, plus I would have expected to become full quicker because my stomach would have shrunk, but that's not the case. Any tips on how an what to eat? I'm still quite terrified of sweets and I eat mandarins when I feel like snacking. I also have a feeling in my throat like a tennis ball is stuck there, even when I am hungry. I've always sort of had this and learned to ignore it, but the anorexia made it much worse.

Thanks, any help or even someone with an experience they can share would be great.
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replied August 17th, 2012
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Honey, kick that other voice out of your head...Take control...That inner voice will fight you all the way and you must win...Think of what your parents have said.....Learn to eat a good balanced food diet and tell yourself that you want to be strong and healthy...My best advice is to get some help before this gets out of conrol...Take care...

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