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Having a hard time letting go. Why is Ex still acting like this?

My ex of 2 years broke up with me almost a month ago. Our relationship had a lot of drama. I really wanted it to work and invested a lot of time into it, but in the end, we were at 2 different places in our lives. I wanted to be serious, she wanted to do "her own thing". It was a hard breakup for me, but I'm determined to get over it. I'm trying to keep busy, meet new friends. I was at a restaurant/bar the other night out with some new friends. I run into her. Last place I expected to see her. I make small talk with her and her friends, even gave them a little hug. After about a minute, I say I'm going to go and return to my friends, she said I didn't have to go, but I did anyways. I continued having a good time. That night, I get 7 straight texts from her, asking why I acted like that? Then a few more just asking "why"? I didn't want to respond at first, but I did. I said "you mean, surprised to see you, because I was" She's like "you acted so weird". So I replied "I thought I was polite. Oh well" She replied "why are you being ? It's so unlike you?" so i replied "I gave each of you a hug" no reply.
What was that all about? I was so polite

The other day I clicked on her Facebook page and it looks like she met someone already too! This was upsetting...
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replied June 7th, 2010
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Hi philae,

I don't know how old the two of you are but I would surffice to say over age 5 right? Converse like two adults. Meet face to face tell each other exactly how you feel, ask if either of you are seeing someone just to make the other jealeous if so STOP. Either you are together or you are apart. If you are together, be together if not stop the game playing and move on with your lives.

Good Luck,

Faded Rose
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