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Haven't had my period in almost 6 months...

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I'm 19, I turn 20 in January.
I have a history of being irregular with my periods, but the most it's ever been without having one (before now) was 3 months.
I don't have health insurance and I get sick a lot.
I can't see a doctor and money is tight.
I've taken pregnancy tests before and they've all come up negative.
I'm 5'4" and 190 pounds - I've gained weight since I got married.
Uh... the last time I had sex was about a week ago.
My mother had a history of being irregular when she was younger and then she evened out when she was older.
She told me that she went a whole year without having a period.
Would this be normal for me?
Or should I be worried?

Also, my husband and I have been having sex for a little over a year and I have yet to get pregnant.
This could be a side effect of being overweight or that he's sterile (I've been checked out by a doctor before and she said that I was completely fertile. He wasn't checked so we don't know if he's sterile or not, but it does run in his family - uncles, aunts, etc.), but either way, I probably can't get pregnant.
So I really don't think it's that.

Any answers would be appreciated.
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replied June 19th, 2013
I'm not sure but I'm going through the same thing. I've always been VERY irregular, at thirteen my first two periods were very close together, one at the beginning of the month, then again two weeks later at the end of the month, both very heavy and lasting for eight days. Then I didn't have another one until ten months later. Since then I've missed an average of three to seventh months, on for two or three, then missed for three to seventh months again.

At sixteen it got to be even more irregular when I started working at a barn doing manual labor, I would skip during all of the hot months when physical exertion was the greatest, usually from about march through October, then I would get REALLY heavy flow for at least one full week, then go off and on about every other month. Well I am now 22 and it is still very irregular. I haven't had a period since....February I think? It's now June. I don't expect to have it until late fall because I am still at a barn, working hard manual labor in the elements which I know causes stress on the body.

Anyway, I don't know what the problem is directly, but I think it's a mixture of poor diet, physical exertion and lack of sleep. All of these stress the body out and it puts what effort it would normally give to reproductive processes to repairing itself instead.
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