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have pregnancy symptoms but got my period

Im 30 and my husband and i are ttc. my ovulation days were september 1-5th. we had sex everyday. two weeks ago i started having symptoms like nausea very moody tired tender breasts and feeling very bloated and cramping. my period came today and when it started i had alot of clear discharge with lil blood. as the day went on my lower stomach and lower back hurt so mich i wanted to cry. the bleeding came more but only when i wiped and now the cramping is gone. i always have normal periods and im known to have my first period when pregnant with my two sons. can someone plz help me on what maybe going on i would greatly appreciate it
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replied September 24th, 2012
Sounds to me it is possible you could be pregnant. The bleeding could be implantation if it's a small amount.
Have you taken a pregnancy test yet?
I would test and see your doctor for a blood test to see.
Good luck to you!!!!
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