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Have not been able to get pregnant

Hi, I have been trying to get pregnant with my husband we have been trying for about 8 months now. Also, when I had my period last month I had menstrual cramps the whole month even when I was not on my period, I just started my period for this month on sunday the 2nd and I had very painful cramps and was bleeding heavily but I have stopped bleeding now and no more cramps. I don't know if that would be a concern or why I have not been able to get pregnant.
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replied December 4th, 2012
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Make sure you time intercourse for around your ovulation, and have fun during sex. Do not make it all serious.

The stress and disappointment every month will affect you. So please try to relax. Enjoy your time together. There is very little you can do except keep on trying and enjoying it until your doctor will see you (after 12 months). Many couples find success when they stop trying so hard, because of the reduced stress.

After 12 months of trying, you and your husband should see a doctor. If you think something else is wrong with your cycle, see your doctor now.

Best of luck TTC!
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