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have no appetite and losing weight

I am a food lover and have never in my life had trouble eating. I am a normal weight for my size. Within the past two months I have lost about 25 pounds. I have absolutely no desire to eat and food is literally unappealling to me. I try to force things down that have protien in them just so I can get through the day. How can I get my appetite back? Ill do anything.
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replied October 5th, 2013
Is there anything wrong happened lately?

Something sad or stressful events can also make you lost your appetite...

Are you too busy at that moment?
Why don't you enjoy meal with friends or relatives instead of eating alone?

Coz people tend to eat more with happy feeling!
Good luck,
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replied October 6th, 2013
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Hi bethmann: If you are normal weight now and have lost 25 pounds, you may have willed yourself to do this...Saying this if you did this, now it is time for you to turn this cycle around and eat a normal diet...Not to gain weight nor to lose weight, but to hold your weight where it is...

If you can't do this, then get some help...By this I mean a doctor...Take care...

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