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Have I Hit Early Menopause?

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I had a hysterectomy in Dec of 2009 - as a result of microinvasive cervical cancer. Everything was taken except my ovaries ... they were left behind. I was doing quite well (except for some noticeable gastrointestinal changes that I'm sure are attributed to the surgery). But now I'm not so sure what's happening. I just turned 39 in February, and for the past I would say 5 months I've been experiencing what SEEMS to be peri-menopausal symptoms. They were nothing to be concerned about initially - just short-term memory loss, loss of libido, and indeed insomnia and obviously night sweats (of which I wasn't aware of until I woke one night find the back of my neck just soaked with sweat - and I now realize caused my change in body odor - I would think to myself "Why in God's name do I stink so bad?! I just had a shower last night?"). I also on occasion experience an itchy face (of all things) every time I laid down in bed (odd one isn't it?). I did have breast soreness and feeling of fullness ... this seems to have diminished into pretty much nonexistence now (thank goodness).

But the past week now things have greatly escalated. I have been experiencing the most nasty bouts of panic attacks and racing heart - and mood swings to match. The anxiety and racing heart I swear I feel like I'm going to die they're that bad, they make me stop and try to catch my breath. Meanwhile - I've got no reason to feel panic/anxiety. I have cried for no reason, and Friday night I exploded into an actual fit of rage ... also for absolutely no reason. It scared the bejeebers out of my poor hubby.

I have looked at the long list of symptoms that has posted and out of all of them I have been experiencing ... literally ... 20 (TWENTY!) of them. My question is though, the majority of women experience hot flashes. I don't know if I've experienced them or not. I do in fact break out into a profuse sweat just by doing some simple household chores. But what I have noticed is, and this is recent - within the past week - where I feel like I have a fever. My head and neck to me anyways feel like they're hot with fever (flushed). But technically, there is no fever at all, and when my hubby feels my forehead he says, "Nope. You're fine. Skin is cool to the touch" Is that a form of a hot flash???? It's like I feel burning from the inside out. My first noticing this was actually this past Friday - only 3 days ago.

I'm scared and confused because firstly, some folks say that I am too young to be heading in to menopause. Others further say that because I kept my ovaries I am not in menopause - yet from what I've learned the ovaries CAN in fact "die" within 5 years after having a hysterectomy. Well, I am left wondering if perhaps I"m going out of my mind and fearful that something more medically serious is wrong with me. Doctors here in my area are "old-school" ... and it is also very difficult to even get an appointment to see one (you're looking at a 2-3 month waiting period because there's only TWO doctors to service this area here!).

Is it truly possible for me, at 39 and a little over 3 years post-op to be entering peri-menopause? I will give you the actual full list of my symptoms ... am hoping that others can relate or have similar stories ... or even to give me some confirmation that this is in fact menopause?

- Feel like I have a fever but there is no fever (burning eyes, burning from the inside out, skin rather normal to touch. Heat felt on head and neck most prominently).
- Night sweats & breaking into a sweat doing minimal chores
- Mood swings, sudden tears, rage
- Loss of libido
- HORRIBLE panic attacks and racing heart
- Feelings of doom
- Short-Term memory loss
- BAD insomnia
- Fatigue all day but BOOM! Very alert come nighttime
- Itchy/crawly skin (on the face mainly)
- Breast soreness (occurred earlier last year - greatly diminished now to almost no pain at all)
- Depression
- Dizziness, episodes of loss of balance
- Body odor stronger (from the night sweats I assume? But this has gotten slightly better the past month)
- Loud noises can sometimes send me into a fit
- Nausea (felt the other day when I had the burning fever sensation in my head and neck)
- Hair thinning (this has been ongoing for last 2 years)

Like I say I hope that someone in here who has kept their ovaries can relate to all this ... or am I just truly going out of my mind? I am worried it could be an overactive thyroid (that's what happens when one googles their symptoms lol) Thing is not all of my symptoms match up to what I know of that particular condition.

Ugh If this truly is perimenopause I hope it goes away fast. My late grandmother tried to tell me when I was a young teenager about what it was like for her. She said and I quote word for word, "It was hell. I felt like I was dying." I didn't listen nor understand back then as I was so young and dumb ... but now ... if that's what this is ... I am definitely understanding
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First Helper AnnieFannie

replied March 19th, 2013
It certainly sounds to me like you are experiencing perimenopause. I have all those symptoms, and have had them since I was 40/41. I haven't had a hysto tho.
But, my hot flashes feel like I'm burning from the inside out. it's hard to explain. It's like you suddenly feel a wave of heat come over you. I don't sweat, just feel hot, and start fanning myself.
Now, I do sweat at night, and that sucks. One minute I'm fine and the next I'm covered in sweat.
I'm sorry to say that mine has not gone away fast....I've been dealing with this for 6 years so far.
I have every single symptom you have except the hair loss.
You are NOT going out of your mind. I felt the same way, esp since my PP kept saying I was too young. But, finally found out that she was WRONG. This forum helped me to realize that I was not the only one experiencing these terrible symptoms.
Good Luck, and take care!
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