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Have had a lump in my neck for 9 months and am worried.

I am going to start by saying that I am a 29 year old female. Nine months ago, a lump showed up in my neck, just above the collarbone and near the center. I went to my doctor, who I had been seeing to find out why I was always tired and hurting in different areas of my body. He had already been running tests for a year and couldn't find anything wrong, but when the lymphnode in my neck swelled, he decided to send me to have a ct-scan. The scan showed the lymphnode to be about .6cm in size, so he sent me to an oncologist. I should mention that I have a family history of lymphoma. The oncologist ran blood tests and a new ct-scan and decided to just keep an eye on it, watch and wait he said. He also keeps sending me to other specialist, like a rumatologist. About three months ago, I went back to see the oncologist and during a physical exam, he found another enlarged lymphnode in my groin on the right side. He sent me to have an ultrasound and it showed it to be 2 cm in size. A week later, when I went back, he found new lymphnodes that were slightly enlarged on my left side of my groin. I don't know if they are growing or not, but I have been suffering for a year with fatigue, and more recently, night sweats and ichting all over. The lymphnodes do not hurt and feel rubbery and move when pushed on. Though, I do have pain in my right groin, which the ultrasound tech said could be caused because the lymphnode is deep and could be pressing on nerves. I am worried because my oncologist won't biopsy the lymphnodes and I am getting worse. I am extremely tired all the time, have lost a total of 31 pounds in nine months, and I am not trying to lose wait, I have night sweats almost every night. I am trying to go to another doctor to get a second opinion, but my insurance requires a referal and I can't get in to see my family doc until the end of the month. I feel like the oncologist I have now doesn't listen to me and is just humoring me most of the time, not that he is taking this seriously like I am. My grandmother has lymphoma, she was diagnosed 51 years ago and has been battling it every since. She was 28 when she was diagnosed. When I talk to her about my health problems, she tells me she went through the same symptoms and that I need to have the lymphnode biopsied. Should I? And, should I put my foot down with the oncologist I have and demand one?
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