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have a blood test done? not quite sure what to do...

Me and my boyfriend have been having sex since about late august and recently i havent been feeling myself. I took a home pregnancy test about 2 weeks ago and it said negative. But i should have gotten my period september 18th and i only got it today october 6th. Some say i shohuld have a blood test done but im not quite sure what to do? i have normal bleeding but bad cramping and back pain also nauseia. im confused as to what to do. when i should have gotten my period, i had like a white substance coming out. any advice?
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replied October 15th, 2011
I would have to agree - go get a blood test. It'll put your mind at ease and reassure you as to what's going on with your body. A number of things can influence your period causing it to be late, short, long, etc. Stress or being under/over weight are just a couple. Blood tests are going to be more accurate and if it comes out negative as well, then you'll probably feel better because more than likely you aren't pregnant. Also, when you go for the blood test, be sure to mention all your symptoms, especially include the vaginal discharge being white. They may be able to diagnose it as something else, much less stressful hopefully. Good Luck! Keep us updated!! Smile
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