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hating myself, emotional eating/binge eating, despise.

sometimes i'm having really good days.. but about 70% of the other time when i'm alone i start to crumble and break down and hate myself. sometimes at school i'm happy.. but then when i get back home it's jst eh... and sometimes i feel like people judge me as fake because i put up a 'facade' of this emo chick at home.. but really im so tired of feeling this way. sometimes i just want to cut and burn myself, but i end up eating which makes me fat -> makes me hate myself more.. what do i do.. i hate waking up and feeling like everything is a drag. i don't look forward to anything, and when i do it's hopeless, it's kind of why i don't look forward to anything anymore. everything to me is a lie ...
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replied January 12th, 2012
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Quite simply Save, you should see a doctor for advice. Continuing as you are is a pathway to misery and what you feel now is but a taste of where this can lead to. Don't go there, get medical help and advice while it's still early.

You need to be hopeful, at my worst I still always had a flicker of hope and it proved to be true. Find something to hang on to. One of the best is to know that millions have been where you are and came out of it with help. Another is to KNOW that any feelings you have are temporary, providing you seek help.
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