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hating my life at the moment

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I have been very depressed lately and have felt like I hate my life. A girl, I was pretty much in love with recently decided we shouldn't be together. And I have been on a spiral ever since. I hate the way I look and I just seem to fail at everything. I have began to have suicidal thoughts more than once. I need help, and appreciate anyone's advice.
thank you.
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replied December 14th, 2011
don't feel that way.. i know life is not always rose color but i know EVERYTHING in life has a solution except dead..
Look for someone that you feel comfortable with and tell her/he the situation your facing now. Remember no one is worth your life. One day you'll find someone that cares about YOU no matter what. Only time will heal your pain.
I think it would be better if you cry until you get tired you will feel much relief later.

Keep in mind there is a God that loves you just pray to him so those negative suicidal thoughts go away.

Be strong YOU CAN DO THIS! Smile
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