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I'm a 25 year old female who has been struggling with what matches "lupus flares" for 12 years now. My mom and I have kept a binder with all episodes and after my last hospital admission, Dr's are leaning towards autoimmune (finally!) My grandmother who also has kept a log of my "flares" and who was in the medical field has been pushing my Dr's to look into lupus for years but no one wants to because other than my flares, I'm a healthy adult (past collegiant soccer player with no other medical problems).

I'm currently in nursing school and my flare ups seem to be during or after finals. I know lupus rears its head in child bearing age women during stressful times.

Here are my symptoms:
Wake up in the middle of the night with:
Flank pain on the right side
Fever of unknown origin
And now heart problems- my normal resting heart rate is 60's-70's, when I was in the hospital it got into the 180's- dr's said I was septic but could not find a source of infection.

Other symptoms:
I've gotten worsening joint pain in my knees (which I thought it was from running) and sometimes I'm foggy for no reason. I have periods of chest pain and dizziness (I'm being tested for POTS). I have purple fingers and toes, mouth ulcers, headaches and I'm "borderline me anemic" .

My flares are happening about every 6 months and are getting worse as I get older.
CT scan always normal
Blood work always normal except my white count is "slightly elevated" as wells as my sed rate and iron slightly low.

Any help as to how people have gotten diagnosed? I'm trying to get my PCP to do a ANA test on me and I never have a rash (which is why they don't want to lean towards lupus- the butterfly rash) I will appreciate any helpful responses.
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