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Has anyone had a total colectomy AND a cholecystectomy??

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Early last year I had my entire large intestine removed due to severe and constant ulcerative colitis. In the initial surgery a J pouch was formed and I had a temporary ileostomy. During the ileostomy I started having painful gas, cramping, and constant high output...the surgeon said it was slightly abnormal but should settle after the reversal. Now it's a year later and things are MUCH worse, yet every test, ct and MRI show the intestine to be healthy other than it is slightly dialated. I avoid eating as much as possible, and usually only eat starchy foods and some meat if i do, because of excessive gas, painful cramping and constant acidic diahrrea. I am now on MORE drugs and painkillers AFTER the surgery. In addition to this I have started having problems in my upper digestive system over the last 3-6 months, such as daily nausea, heartburn, acid reflux, stomache spasms (after food), as well as a constant feeling of fullness and/or shortness of breath which seem to come and go. When I recently started having bouts of pancreatitis,it turned out an xray or ct fm 09 was overlooked and it appeared that i had a "sludge" type material in my gallbladder and will be scheduled for surgery...

Im hoping that these recent problems will cease with the removal of the gallbladder. but, i am really concerned about how these 2 surgeries will affect me together. I already have excessive gas, pain and diahrrea caused by just about any kind of food i try...And the most common side effect of the gallbladder removal is diahrrea which increases with the level of the fat intake. Has anyone else experienced both surgeries or know of someone that does?? My other question is if the cramping gas and diahrrea that was the initial problem after surgery, is perhaps caused by my gallbladder and would subside? Thank you for taking the time to read through my story!
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replied December 10th, 2012
Laura, Your story is very similiar to my life. I had the surgeries you had. I had UC for over 20 years before having my total colectomy with ileostomy. I had my reversal scheduled for Jan 2001 and in Dec 2000 my gallbladder completely stopped working.It was extremely painful. I wouldn't schedule surgery until my reversal of my iliostomy was was done in Jan 2001. My surgeries didn't go without complication, which is expected due to the seriousness of them. It is now 12 years later and I am still suffering, as you are. I am in very strong pain medication, have been since my surgery. I am honestly on stronger meds now than I was prior to my surgery, as you state you are. I was informed that I have UC again bc the surgeon left an inch too much of my rectum and it was infected. All that surgery, recovery time and in the hospital for a yr have the dreadful disease again.
I recently have been having severe chest pains and thought I was having heart issues. I had the scope to my heart and all is fine. I am having acid reflux and chest pains that I googled it and found you. I pray you are not suffering any longer, however, I feel you are. I was informed that I have liver enzymes in my blood that are off the charts. I was told it is bc I have been on pain meds so long it is affecting my liver. I don't know what to do now. Were you diagnosed with this issue yet? I feel it is bc of all the surgeries and removal of organs I had done my liver is being affected. i too suffer from severe bowl movements, constant diahrrea atleast 40 times a day, I suffer from pouchitsis from time to time. I sometimes wish I never had my first surgery and suffered thru the symptoms. I pray you read this and we can communicate even by e-mail if you prefer. I would like to share some perhaps healing treatments that helped me, as you can share with me. Thank you Laura for reading my reply, I hope you are well and I hear from you when you have a moment of time. Take care.
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