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Has anyone ever broken up in an impluse moment.?

Hi, before you read, this is for, anyone who is bipolar,and those who are the spouses on the receiving end, your experinces please. Has anyone ever broken up with his or her bipolar partner on an impulse moment...? If so do you now feel you could have dealt with things differently.? knowing that you both could have sat down and talked about this?

how long before your partner spoke to you, you being the one who broke it up, how long before you talked it all out?

I wont go into too much, I broke us up in an impulse moment, At the time I really did feel she just didn't want me to be around! I feel it had been building up for a few days, so I said it's over, packed my bags and went home, . I half expected that we would just have talked it out once I had gotten back.

Ok, maybe I could have said, we are ok but I am going home for now talk when things are a bit calmer, instead of saying its over, again it was an impulse moment, anyways,, a week later she emailed me,, baring in mind this is now 8 weeks a go, I had answered her email back, I told her how I was feeling, " I don't want to say too much on here because its bit personal," But now she is the one who hasn't said anything, I don't want to email because I don't want to make things worse, I feel to give her time and space.

Do I have any hope? its been two months, do you think she has just moved on? and this is just her way of saying she doesn't want to talk about it?

Its sad because all this over an impulse moment, both of us could have both dealt with this differently, I am torn between, I have given up hope I feel if she wanted to talk I would rather if and when she is ready, again I wouldn't want to push things or pressure her is also another reason why I haven't emailed her.

how long has your partner not been in touch with you before they was ready to talk? could anyone say anything to make me feel better if my ex does ever talk to me again?

Just hurts inside, knowing this could have been talked about, for someone who said to me we would always talk and sort things out, for someone whos meant to be so much in love, loves me, wanted it all, live together one day be married one day list goes on..

I feel like it's all my fault when it isn't. I feel shes moved on this quick, and let us go this quick.

Does anyone think she could have moved on but it doesn't have to mean, she is with someone else it could just mean, I am the past now and that's the way she choosen for it to be?

If and a big if she was to come back, does anyone know if it would be a short message? like just email to say, could me and her talk? be a text to say I miss you?

I feel the only way we could have an us is if we both, talk, both listen, I still think we could have an us, we both know our relationship would never be an easy one, we both know it would be hard word on both sides.

I used to be able to feel I could tell her how I was feeling, but just recently she has made me feel, I am not able to say I feel she just snap at me. I sometimes feel it is a bit like one rule for her and another for me, I just feel we should be able to talk weather its small or bigger issues to deal with.

If we are not able to talk and sort out an impulse moment, then I don't know how we would over something much bigger. every day I feel like I am in catch 22, sometimes feel it is for the best, because by now she could have emailed me back and wanted to talk,

sometimes feel we could have us if....
I feel I don't know which way to turn, again I don't feel to email her because I don't want to make things worse, I am sure she has at times been thinking and feeling a lot of things over and over again? If we did ever speak again I know I would say to her the reason I have been in touch is because I wanted to give you time and space, and sorry it was an impulse moment, but I do think we both need to be bale to talk more.
My questions are, do you think I have any hope? and if she doesn't come to talk, what could you say to me to feel better? also at times we both have said no contact but we have spoken in the past, but that only lasted for two days no talking!

At the very least I just feel we could talked it all out even if it means no us. I have accepted in the last month, if she had wanted to talk she would have by now, but I am just finding it hard, at the very least we could have talked and it looks like we just nit going to! I don't expect to get back together, but if she did ever send me a message out of the blue I know I would least talk to her!
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replied February 10th, 2019
Thank you for asking at Ehealth forum!

I read your question and I understand your concern.
Big decisions should not be made in impulse moments. If both partners are sincere with each other then they don't keep grudges for more than 3 days.Borderline personality disorder individuals have usually this problem.
I hope it helps. Stay in touch with your healthcare provider for further guidance as our answers are just for education and counselling purposes and cannot be an alternative to actual visit to a doctor.
Take care
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