I had anterior and posterior spine fusion for Kyphosis aka scheuermann's disease in 1994 or 1995. I am a thin person who has smaller bone structure and at the time was only 15 years old. My doctor used what I *think* were experimental smaller versions of the Harrington rod.

Then I heard from someeone while I worked at a Medical Device CRO that they were not approved or were recalled by the FDA. I am 99% sure I remember him telling my parents that they were experimental and not yet approved by the FDA but surely would be of course. He showed them to me and my parents at my appointment, the normal ones and these new smaller ones. They looked exactly the same except the size was much thinner and lighter. I think the said they weighed about 1 lb. Anyway...

This doctor is also in litigation for implanting devices in patients that were not meeting the criteria but did it anyway and there is news that they were taking money from the company that made them.... Anyways, the point is I am having a lot of pain in my back, skin, nerve and muscle pain, and wondering if these rods were approved by the FDA, what they are called, so I can go to the doc (a different one) and see what I should do now. Anyone hear about this or know where to find this information? It would be greatly appreciated.


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replied April 4th, 2011
I have my herringtons rods in since 1987, some 24 years and they over time have moved . If I were you have x-rays and an MRI done to see if this is the case with you. Mine has over time come away from the verbra so if you have smaller ones it would make sence that they would move as well. yes I have alot of pain and have been unable to work because of it. if you can have a nuro surgeon take a look, they are takeing them out April 19 2011. in the time I have had the rods in place only 1 doctor has asked about takeing them out. chronic muscle spamms for many years are most likely from the rods. If the FDA didn't ok them you might have a case of malpractice. but if you can live without the rods I would say get them removed.
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