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hardening of the arteries and brain injury?

i have a question concerning my mom and myself early on my mom had bad headaches as long as i can remember went to the doctor and they had her on medication and she raised five children and worked full time now in her young 80s we noticed after many years the unsteadyness on her feet the headaches always needing to sleep they say the breathing has to do with her curved spine. she is to proud to walk with oxygen and we are trying to get one for her home. she is on medicare, she is seen by her doctor and did a test and found she had the hardeninng of the areries tomorrow she goes for her second test because she is not getting better but worse.

now i was in an auto accident and flown to cooper trauma and still being treated i went thru a poll and had to be cut out the car went into a cement statue on a homeowners property my lung had collapsed i didnt know i just knew or thought i was dieing because i was not breathing and kept slipping in and out of it. when they managed to get me out my nostril finally opened and i was getting air in. i could not feel my legs or anything from upper to lower.
the driver was drunk and i do not drink and got out of the car and ran. when they got me to the hospital they had to put me on a tube for my lung and it was like i wasnt even in an accident it was amazing.having the same issues as my mom could it be possible that even if you cant see the seizure she may be doing the same thing. i was not acting like i was having a seizure but my brain is.
thank you and i can not wait to hear from you. maybe i can get across to my mother in some way she is a spunky healthy happy married to my dad for 60 years and i want her to keep going. they look twenty years younger then they are.
thank you
yasmine sunny sunny
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replied October 28th, 2011
if my story about my mother or myself would you mind leaving me any feedback or suggestions I am alone i do have my parents but with my troubles they act like they have none my mom just always askes to keep me in her prayers and they dont live with me. i am going through my troubles by myself my x left me after are youngest daughter passed away six years ago, and since that happened everyone in my life all kinda went away. i seem to talk mostly with all my trauma doctors my therapist and at night with my mother.
thank you, sunni
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