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My child woke up this morning after visiting her father and i notice near her left elbow she has a very large very warm to the touch and the lump is hard as a rock. it does not hurt her but i'm concerned??? what could this be?? she is not complaining of pain nor is the area itchy. she is 3 yrs old??
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replied June 21st, 2009
If it is red and swollen or has the appearence of a spider bite, my first concern would be MRSA. There are 2 types Community Acquired or Healthcare Acquired. HA is usaully after receiving treatment, not always.

MRSA escalates RAPIDLY, requiring immeadiate attention. A boil may appear soon. If so demand a culture, it will require lancing. Under no circumstance do you discuss treatment for MRSA without actually viewing the results and having them explained. If that explantion is superfilous ask for a referral to a infectious disease specialist.

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replied August 27th, 2014
I just had surgery four days ago for gall bladder removal and within two days ha very large hot to the touch hard mass the measured 2 by 4 inches very painful under rib cage I will say I tested positive for mrsa due to an infection years ago I and on a battery of antibiotics now so hopefully won't have to lance it thanks for your infomation
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