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hard to swallow, hard lump, sharp pain, dizziness

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I have had this for a while now and it has been getting worse. One of the symptoms took a while to associate cause/effect. Basically I get a sharp stinging pain in a tiny spot of my throat on the left, and when this happens, I get so dizzy I have to sit down or I fall over. Like everything turns sideways - kinda like when you have been on the Teacups at disneyland 5 times in a row. Sometimes the pain will happen when I am sleeping and I will wake up, coughing. So I know its a dry throat thing. Lately though, eating can trigger the dizziness too, because it is getting hard to swallow. It happened once while driving, my throat had the dry-spot-painful feeling and i had to pull over off the road. Swallowing saliva fixes it, and I am dizzy for maybe 10-30 seconds. this happens rarely, maybe once or twice a month.

That happens now and then. All the time though: it is getting hard to swallow. I eat something that isn't super soft and mushy, even bread, and it always leaves a little bit behind on the left side of the throat when I swallow. It takes 2-3 swallows to get all the food down when I take a bite, if it isn't oatmeal consistency. It can trigger dizziness occasionally. I am becoming alarmed by it because if the food isn't super slippery or soft I feel like I could choke.

Now recently, I can feel a hard lump in the neck on the left side near my Trachea (the big bony thing on my neck?) that I can move if i smoosh it around. It is hard and I can actually feel it "click" when i smoosh into my trachea. I cant feel it unless I push it on the trachea though. After I smoosh my throat around like this, it becomes tender on the outside and then I feel constant pain in my neck near where the clicky hard lump is.

I always feel like I have a very low grade throat irritation. When I swallow, the movement of my throat down near where the clicky lump is hurts.

I have told my neurologist, but her response was: "huh. make sure you drink lots of water!" I do though, it is hot where I live so i chug the stuff, at least 8 10-oz glasses a day.

I have a first time visit to the ENT, and I want to be a little more informed so I can ask good questions. I can't find anything on these things I've been experiencing that fits all the symptoms, the dizzy-when-swallowing thing is the one that is the weirdest.

Thanks for reading,
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replied January 8th, 2012
I have those symptoms but on the right side of my throat. I did some poking around and found something with similar aspects. They are called Tonsil Stones (or Tonsilloliths) and are a calcium formation in your tonsils. They are caused by bad breath and/or occur naturally. They most commonly affect young adults to adults but can occur in children. They happen to up to 10% of the population but big ones are rare. They are most times harmless but uncomfortable. Ways to remove them are to use a Waterpik, pick them out (but with the risk of having debrees stuck), laser removal or surgery. As for your dizziness, I think you should go see a doctor and get that checked out. It could be diabetes or an ear problem. Best regards and hope you get better.

For more information, visit these links:

Get better,

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replied March 12th, 2014
tonsil stones or tonsiloliths and swallowing
'caused by bad breath.' umm nah, they can cause bad breath.. i have been to ENT and they dismissed it, barely looked and said my tonsils look fine, tho i have read posts before that said it takes some poking around to find them. I am hypothyroid and figured it was a goiter tho with over 3 months now on synthroid it is not getting better. i also experience dizziness and wonder if it is from not getting proper oxygen. no pain tho. yet.. there are products and even pamphlets about how to remove them yourself and water pick was one suggestion, Also I cannot see any tho they show them online in posts about them. A long time ago i used to feel a weird sensation in my throat like something moving up instead of down and it would feel huge and then when i spit it out, would be tiny and sort of hard.. i went to an ENT and he actually vaccumed out my tonsils and told me they would recur later in life as long as i kept my tonsils and apparently they are back. I have read sinusitis is a big factor, so probably keeping mucous from accumulating is a good habit to get into. THere is a natural way to help your body remove mucous, it is called Bromelain a digestive enzyme, a derivative of lovely Pineapple and you take the tablet on an empty stomach so that when it encounters no food, looks for mucous to digest and remove naturally.
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