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hard to breathe. please help.

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hi, i'm 19 years old. over the last two days i have fallen asleep at night and i believe about 15-20 minutes after i fall i asleep i wake up and it's moderately hard to breathe for a few seconds and so i sit up and take a few deep breathes and it's so irritated that i need to cough. but after about ten minutes it's fine. and i can sleep through the night without any problems.

maybe it's nothing major, but i'm concerned about not being able to breathe for those few seconds. i have never experienced something like this.

please help.
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replied March 7th, 2009
hard to breathe
Sarah, the same thing has happened to me, you might want to see a DR. just to see if it might be sleep apnea, they can check you out and send you to a sllep clinic to be tested, just in case it is. Hope this helps
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