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hard swelling where hernia used to be???possibly seroma??

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I have had a right iniguial hernia operation about a month ago, give or take a few days, its was a large hernia that i had for about 5 years, that was in my testicular sac with a bit of bowel too i think i remember the doctor telling me.
So i had the surgery and it all went well they said and sent me home and said to rest. The first few days after there was a soft squishy swelling in my testicular sac where the hernia used to be. i thought it had come back but it had not as my gp confirmed this. A week later this soft tissue turned into this hard lump about the siz of an egg. now my gp told me she didnt know what it was but because it was painless it was not infected. she told me to ring the surgeon and he said it is most likely a seroma but he did not want to drain it as an infection would mean he has to undo the hernia repair.
It feels like a hard cord runs from my repair site (just above groin) into my sac just above right testicle) and gets sort of bigger developing into this egg sized hard lump. I cannot squash it but there is a slight give to it (almost the same as if you poke your eye hard it wont just squish...but it is still hard.... I was told by my surgeon it is most likely a seroma on the phone...but he said he does not want to drain it in case of starting an infection. Please tell me if this lump will ever go away!!! it feels like it wont..... It is above my testicle and is about the size of a chickens egg?? How will i make this go away or will it even go away over time>>>??? VERY WORRIED...... please help doctor
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replied April 10th, 2014
I have the EXACT same symptoms going on! Had my 2 week postop checkup today and the student doctor said he was worried it was recurrence because it was so hard?!? The surgeon finally came in and said it was more than likely seroma but to check back in a month to see if it has reduced in size. He also stated that recurrence would be sudden and larger than the initial hernia. Please tell me how long it took for your problem to be resolved??
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