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Hard, red, unpoppable bump on shaft of my penis.

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I have fordyce spots. They are not a problem whatsoever, as they are barely noticeable. My main problem is this red bump on the shaft of my penis that has been there for at least two months. It doesn't pop, and when squeezed only produces a red/clear liquid. Recently, a white dot or bulb has shown itself like a white-ish mass that can be felt underneath the skin. The bump isn't painful except when pressure is applied. Also, from another experience exactly like this last year, I pulled it out [the bulb] as hard as possible and was able to remove most of it.


Now. Tell me if that was absolutely stupid. As I assume it was, I have decided to take a route that doesn't involve this. Sort of. I'm kind of coming to this conclusion right now. For the past couple of weeks, I've attempted to cut the pimple with a clean x-acto knife in order to get at the bulb easier. But that has not been the case. I want to go to the doctor, and I've manned up mentally, but I have no idea to tell my mother about my "problem".

Details on myself:

I am 16, male, and not sexually active.
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replied February 14th, 2013
Hey there. I think we're in the same boat, you and I.
My worries at first was "is it a zit? Dammit!" ..
But just like you I came to realize that it's not "poppable". When I gave up trying to fix it, I cam to the conclusion that it had to be soem sort of an Ingrown Hair(?).. I can't man up to go to the doctor and mine has been there for about 2 years now. It's not causing any pain, it's just distracting and makes me feel.. Ugly? .. Well.. I hope you get it fixed somehow Smile
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replied August 22nd, 2014
not sure
hey I know how you guys feel! I don't have a crater like that mines just a shiny bump. it cause me no problems it looks like a pimple and has been there for atleast over 2 weeks. I'm afraid to go to doctor. and just pray it goes away it gets smaller likes it goes away but never does! I thought it was ingrown hair cause it had hair attached to it but I plucked the hair and its still there!
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replied December 1st, 2014
Genital warts are a possibility, but not likely if you haven't been sexually active with another person. It may be a simple pimple, which does occur on the penis. It's probably best not to pop or cut it yourself but to let a doctor take a look at it. Often, red rash-like appearance is commonly due to an allergic reaction or to excessive friction when being handled; common redness usually responds well to a superior penis health crme that contains natural moisturizers (like shea butter and vitamin E) that can hydrate the area and soothe the rawness. Good luck!
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