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Hard painless bony lump under skin on upper cheek

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I have a hard bony noticeable lump on the upper part of my right cheek close to where the jaw bone connects to my skull. It is under the skin, hard but painless to the touch.It does not move at all. I grind my teeth when I am asleep. I used to hear a clicking sound when I was chewing but no longer hear it.I think that stopped right after the lump appeared. I have not seen a doctor about it because I thought it would just disappear. I am currently unemployed so seeking free advice before I get a consultation
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replied December 1st, 2012
I am in no way a professional.. But I got kicked by a horse a couple years ago. The 1 foot(Hoof) missed & the other hit on my hip joint and of course hurt like H*LL long story short 1 week later my husband freaked out I had this perfect baseball lump on my hip bone.. It had came and it didn't hurt and moved around a little was solid feeling. I never put hard pressure or anyting on it. But I went in and the DR thought it was a bone chip and it forms a clot around this chip.. So warm compressions but not to warm since it was a blood clot. But yours sounds like it is so close to your brain maybe a visit to the DR. Try to find a hospital that will give you a break since money is tight. google hospitals for your area and talk to the financial aid department. worth a try but If I were you I would go see a DR to be safe..
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