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Saturday I noticed my neck had a small lump that was a little sore. Today, Sunday, I woke up early because the lump had doubled in size and was extremely tender to the slightest touch. As the day progressed the whole left side of my neck became stiff and excruciatingly painful from any movement.
I tried using ice to relieve it, but it made it even more painful.
This lump is on the back left side of my neck about even with the hairline, but not in it. It is a very deep hard lump about the diameter of my 2 fingertips, and there is a pulse in it.
Just placing a finger over it with NO pressure is nearly unbearable.
I do not have allergies, have not been exposed to anyone with sickness, have had no fever.

What is this likely? Is or could this be life threatening? Could it be an aneurisim?
Would this lump following other present symptoms point to certain diseases such as lupus or Hodgekins disease? Could it be a cancer?
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replied June 29th, 2009
hello this sounds more like a sebaceous cyst..they can become very large and painful and can become infected with bacteria..they are rarely harmless and can be remove with local aneasthetic..its hars to be sure over internet so i advise you show it too your doctor or er whichever is nearest too you..
either way this needs to be checked out so you can be advised of any treatment you may require..
you are distressed by your problem so do it for your own peace of mind..
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replied April 4th, 2012
I have the same thing, the pain is extremely painful and is killing but iv had mine a lot longer which didn't hurt, but since Friday I went on the sun beds it has started too hurt and has grown/doubled in size and hurting when I move or even touch it, I am starting to get scared but the doctor has said it will be 2 weeks before he can see me and i am really worrying. What could this be?
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