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Hard lumps under incisions. Is this normal after lap surgery?

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Hi. I had laparoscopic surgery 2 weeks ago to repair an inguinal hernia. Recovery has been great, with one exception. After 10 days, I noticed hard lumps under each of the 3 incision sites. Externally, the incisions look great (no oozing, no swelling). But internally, there are these hard lumps. The smallest lump is pea-sized, while the largest one is grape-sized. I don't feel pain and I have no fever.

Could these lumps could become keloids? Is this normal after lap surgery?

Thank you very much in advance!
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replied March 6th, 2011
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Hi posthernia and welcome to ehealth: Give it some time to settle down...If after 6 weeks this is still bothering you then check back with the doctor...Come to think of it you probably have a 6 week check up at that time...If you are concerned before that time then call him/her...Take care...

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