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I've had a lump on my inner thigh for a few years now. It started out with a tiny black, hard something sticking out of it just barely- I had thought it might be a bite of some sort, and the mandible got stuck in the skin? Or perhaps I got a splinter there. I would occasionally pick at it- it seemed very lodged.

Either way, it's changed recently- I'm not exactly sure when, but I noticed it today. The lump had been about the size of a small pea, and was a subtle purplish/bluish color. I didn't notice it much- I'm a slender person, but it's right at the fattiest point of my thigh, and I don't think there are many nerves running right there? But now the spot is dime sized, pink (I'm white, by the way), with a white area just around the middle. The black mandible thing has gone away, and now there is a pin sized hole- the hole seems fairly deep. It's completely dry. The lump is hard, and now it's sore. Before, when I messed with it, I didn't really feel any pain. But now, after feeling around a little to see how big the thing is, it's sore, and I can feel it when I walk. Also, it protrudes just slightly, and before it lay pretty flat.

Those horror stories about spiders growing under the skin are scary, but...I've had this thing for a year or two now, and it's just changed, so I figure that's not it, haha.

I'd appreciate everyone's thoughts on this. Smile My mother suggested keeping it coated with Neosporin, and keeping a bandaid on it in the hopes of sweating something out- assuming the irritant (I'm guessing that mandible/splinter thing is just irritating my skin, causing a lump...maybe?) has moved deeper into my skin. Does this sound like a good plan?
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