I have a hard lump on the temporal bone behind my ear, it does not move. It has been there for about a year or more. It doesn't hurt when you touch it but it often causes pain in, around my ear, and where the lump is. I don't know if this is connected but for a couple nights this last week there has been tingling in my head right above the ear that has the lump. What is it and should I be worried?
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replied December 13th, 2012
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Without further studies, it is not really possible to know the exact cause of the lump.

It is not uncommon for an exostosis (benign bone lump) to form on the skull. And, many soft tissues masses can seem very firm.

But, again, without an examination and maybe some studies, it is not possible to know what this is. However, lumps and bumps are very common on the head. (Phrenology is the study of the bumps on a persons head.)

If you are concerned about it, have your physician take a look at it. Good luck.
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