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Hard growth at base of middle finger

Recently I noticed that I have a small hard lump at the base of my middle finger, and it seems to be getting bigger. It doesn't hurt unless I press down on it somehow, but it still worries me. What could this be? I can feel the growth through my skin if I press it with my thumb and I've even let other people feel it (and they were grossed out by it). It kind of feels like a misplace bone.
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replied July 17th, 2008
Extremely eHealthy
It might be a cyst or a calcium deposit.
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replied January 27th, 2009
hard growth on finger during pregnancy
sounds like you might have a granuloma telangiectaticum a.k.a. pyogenic granuloma. its a dome shaped papula. benign. occurs frequently during pregnancy. must be differentiated from amelonotic melanoma. show it to your ob/gyn.
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