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Happy Mother's Day- A Tribute to My Mother With Alzheimer's!

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What if you were allowed one phone call to Heaven??? Who would you Call?

My mom suffers from Alzheimer’s disease and every day around 1:00 p.m. she starts with, "Can you get my dad's phone number?" "Have you seen my mother?" " I really want to see my mom and dad. Can you drive me to their house?" Now I am 47 years old, and I never met my grandfather; he died before I was born and my grandmother died when I was 5 years old.

My mother is experiencing what many other Alzheimer’s patients experience - Sundowning. They feel confusion and agitation each day when the sun starts to go down. Somehow their biological clock has been altered due to a as a result of the reduction in brain function caused by the disease. It occurs each and every day and can vary in intensity. Sometimes the episode is quick and other times a trigger, the altering of a routine for example, can trigger a downward spiral. We have come to expect these daily episodes, we get through it and understand that the very next day will prove much the same.

I was sitting with my parents yesterday and right on schedule my mom began asking about her parents. She was pacing around the house and left the room for a moment. When she left the room, I said to my Dad, "Wouldn't it be great if Mom could have just one phone call to Heaven and talk with her Mom and Dad? What if that was allowed?" I then asked my Dad, "Who would you call?" He said, "That would be difficult because my Mom, Dad and sister are all gone. It would be difficult to choose just one!"

Perhaps if that call was granted to each of us, we would save it for a moment in our lives when we needed that special talk that only our mother could give! Or perhaps you would save it for that reassurance that our loved one is doing well and is in a much, much better place. No matter when we used it, it would undoubtedly, and profoundly change our lives forever. Would there be peace in your heart knowing that a loved one is in a better place? I would think so! Or would you still race around life, running here and there, causing yourself anxiety? And for what? A new car? A bigger house? It is not the material things in life that give us happiness, it is the moments in life that take our breath away. It is the birth of a baby, a wedding, a graduation. It is those occasions that you keep replaying in your mind because they were so amazing! Maybe, we should take time to stop and smell those beautiful flowers in our yard. They won't be there long! Just like the friends, family and those around us. If that call to Heaven would be for closure then make sure you find closure on Earth. Tell all those near and dear to you how much they mean to you! Contact those lost friends and tell them how much they enhanced your life and made it better! Kind words mean so much, and the people around you need and love to hear them! I hope everyone reading this finds peace and happiness this Mother's Day weekend. I know that I will! Happy Mother's Day Mom! I love you!

Beth M Ed.
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replied May 10th, 2011
Extremely eHealthy
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replied December 15th, 2011
Our parents are the most precious gift of our life. They care us whole life and think good of us. Wes should respect them and care and love them in their old age.
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