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hantavirus?... Exposed to Deer Mouse feces/urine, now sick

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Hi everyone,

About a week and a half ago, I opened a closet it my room (has the furnace in it) to get some more cat food. I noticed that one of the bags of cat food was REALLY light. Then suspected it could be a house mouse and to deal with it in the next few days. Almost a week ago, I returned and saw a Severe amount of mouse feces/urine everywhere in the closet, all over the carpet along with some insulation that they used as nesting. I then decided to get in there and vacuum everything that I could up. I left the closet open in hopes that my cat would catch the mice, and left a "live mouse trap" in there. The next day, I found a mouse that was caught by my cat laying next to my bed (it was a horrible surprise). The mouse was gray with a white belly, and very well fed (thanks to my cat food!). Now, in the last 12 hours I've gotten sick, no significant fever yet (99.1), extreme chills, aches, and had to leave class early because I felt very nauseous, and puked in the school bathroom on the way out. It feels like I'm getting the flu. I'm worried because I'm 100% positive that the mouse was a deer mouse (and I live in a heavily wooded area), and did not take precautions (only in the last few hours did I research the mouse and if the feces/urine can make you sick) of cleaning the area with protective equipment and NOT to vacuum it. I didn't do any of that and instead vacuumed it, picked things up with my hands. I'm worried I could have contracted the hantavirus. At what point do you go to the hospital? I don't have a fever, but every other flu symptom. I don't want to feel stupid about going in if it's just the flu... You know?

Any quick help is appreciated.
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replied November 17th, 2011
Did you find out if it was just the flu?
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