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Hand Tremor

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I’m 42.

I’ve had a twitching finger of my left hand for 3 or more years. Rigidity in my left forearm muscles off and on. I can put my left hand in my pocket and my hand will try to twitch or tremor and my forearm muscles go stiff.

Over the past 6 months my whole left had shakes increasing while I walk or am at rest. At rest... let’s say letting my arm just hang down while sitting, it will tremble and my hand will open and close quickly, non-stop unless I focus on it. I tend to walk pinching my fingers or making a fist most of the time now, so that others don’t see my hand trembling.

Typing with my left hand is tougher some days. I find my fingers in my left don't work as well. Also some loss of coordination. Like if I try to slap my hands as though playing the bongos, my left hand doesn't do it well and gets out of synch.

My left elbow nerve does feel a little more 'on fire' now and then.

My left shoulder aches a little now and then.

I do have a little bit of a stiff neck. If I bend my neck pushing head towards my left shoulder, it is stiffer than bending the other way. This has been for 3 years also. A little longer than my finger.

I've thought Parkinson's, Carpal tunnel, pinched nerve, and other things. Which all lead me to no conclusion. But the hand tremble is increasing and I try hard to hide it from others when I walk or while Ilet my hand hang down. I tend to hold my left hand in my right while talking to others.

Any suggestions as to the cause?
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replied June 12th, 2010
im now 41 been dx since i was 34,i have pd on me rite hand side and my rite hand has atremor and me fingers twitch abit on me left hand,the tremor does me head in cus when im worked up it goes mental,my meds im on sinemet and mirpexion does not seem to calm it down ,sny sergestions
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