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Hand tremor and muscle weakness

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My MRI came back as: Scattered small non-specific areas of non-enhancing deep white matter signmal alteration are seen in the hemispheres with differential diagnosis to include migraine headaches (which I don't get) small vessel disease (doctor ruled that out) gliosis from previous trauma amd demyelinating disease. My ex-husband was very abusive and liked to hit me in the head but that was over 5 years ago. Wouldn't my symptoms have shown up sooner? Doctors did bring up MS. My symptoms are: Hand tremor (RIGHT HAND ONLY), loss of short term memory, muscle weakness and muscle stiffness, left hand tingles with numbness. I have had a few feelings of electrical shock run through my body from right leg through to my left arm and hand. Trouble sleeping, trouble spelling and knowing what words to say when I'm talking. I seem to loose my voice quite often (horseness). I loose everythig and it's frustrating! I've lost so much muscle tone in my legs, but I'm trying to build my legs again except I'm so tired all the time. I was fired from my job because over a month my work went dowm hill fast. My data entry was so inaccurate and I couldn't remember how to do things I was doing on a regular basis. Doctors told me I was depressed and having anxiety problems so they labeled me with mental illness! Stop taking meds & feel much better. HELP any suggestions??
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replied March 31st, 2010
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I'd seek another wishes.

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