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Hand swelling after humerus fracture

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is there someone i cld chat to about 5 day old humerus fracture? i am having hot sweats and although my top arm double swollen, my hand is now swelling more than first few days. i have fracture clinic friday (7days after fall). i don't know how to sleep and i think i may have done more damage as getting up in bed is agonizing and wrenching stomach muscles and shoulders. i am off/on shaky. and a little scared.
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replied October 30th, 2010
Humerus Fracture
I hope that you got relief from your clinic visit. I cracked my humerus in 1995. The sweats probably are coming from pain meds. I tripped and fell forward and heard the crack of my left arm. I had just reported to work for the Army at Camp Zama, Japan where there was just a clinic instead of a hospital. I remember the experience with humor now. An ambulance was called and I was in so much pain that it took four men to lift me face down on the stretcher and with my arm straight over my head so the door had to be held shut. I had been going to request a room on the ground floor instead of the third floor because of bad knees! It was a hard way to get the transfer. I remember getting back to my room with two bottles of pain medicine with childproof caps! I met my guardian angel by knocking on a neighboring door for help. She had just recovered from arm surgery and helped me bathe and brought food for me. I got my first helicopter ride the next day to the Medical Center where I was told there was no way to cast it and was given a proper sling. Trying to climb into a helicopter with excuriating pain was no fun, but the crew was fantastic. The clinic had taken two army bandanas and tied them to stablize my arm. Therapy was long and painful but the doctor was amazed that I recovered as well as I did.
Hang in there. I've completely recovered with no problems. I did get breast cancer in that breast - any connection? Nah! Twelve year survivor!
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