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hand have no feeling when awake from sleep for at least 10 min
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replied June 10th, 2011
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Waking with numbness in the hands is a common sign of carpal tunnel syndrome. This is compression of the median nerve, within the carpal tunnel, at the base of the palm. When we sleep we often bring our hands up under the chin, causing the wrists to flex. Or we rest our head on the hands. Both of these positions causes the nerve to be compressed. When you wake, you take your hands out of these positions and the nerve wakes up.

Sometimes, later in the disease process, the patient may even be awaken by dull aching pain in the hands when they go numb. The numbness and tingling may also be brought on by activities of static grasping, such as holding a phone for a long time, grasping the steering wheel tightly, holding a frying pan, using a computer mouse a lot, etc.

Occasionally, the use of small wrist splints, to keep the wrists in neutral, worn at bedtime, will help with this problem. The splints are for nothing else, except to hold the wrists out of flexion. Do not put them on too tightly.

If this does not help or the symptoms get worse, you may want to see a hand surgeon. Good luck.
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