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Hand is Not Working Properly After Radial Head Removal Surgery

Dear Sir,

On 3rd January 2015, I faced a accident in which my left hand's radial head got damaged. A piece of head cracked inside. I went to the doctor and he said that it needs surgery once the swelling goes down.

After waiting more than 10 days doctor decided for operation in which he told me that "it's just gonna so simple and I will just take out the piece of broken radial after which you just have to face the pain of just 2-3 stitches".

But when doctor checked all conditions of my left hand he decided to break the head. The operation went successfully in which I got 10 stitches.

Now after more than 9 months (as it's the October 2015) my hand is still not working properly. I am not able to use straight hand in 180 degree and it is now on 135 degree.

Doctor consulted to take the physiotherapy after which I went approx 20 days last month but still I am not able to make my hand straight. I went again to my doctor and he told me for stop therapy and for exercise at home. I am doing exercise daily but not feeling any improvement. However after the therapy my hand started movement as up-down, wrist movement of 360 degree and can use flat hand.

Please suggest me what I can do more to make my hand 180 degree. I am not happy and it is becoming reason of depression for me day-by-day. Please guide me or I am thinking to go for another surgery for it.

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