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had surgery, nerve damage has not gone away, bladder burns

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I had surgery about 8 years ago> inguinal hernia left and right (laparoscopic) I had no feeling in my left tigh and hard time urinating after the surgery. the nerve damage has not gone away and even dough it never bother me that much it is gettin more sensitive and its getting on my nerves. I also have pain in my right testicle but its not that bad, the weird thing is that it moves around in my scrotum. my Dr. also thinks that I suffer from interistatial cystitis and I am pretty sure I do. It is horrinble, I have to urinate constantly and my bladder burns all the time. I am also trying to have a kid with my wife, been trying for 2 years and nothing yet. I like to know if anyone had this issues before with the surgery or if this is just other problems that I have. specially the cystitis. can it all be connected or what?
please I need help figuring this out.

thank you all for your time.
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replied April 22nd, 2012
hernia suergery
Hey I had an hernia repair on March 5th and I still have pain. The doctor gave me a shot of vicodine and some medicine for the pain but i still have little pain... I don't know if it's normal or not.
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