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had something called "dry sex" Could I possibly be pregnant?

I hate having to ask this question again but I need answers. Around July 23rd, me and my boyfriend had something called "dry sex", through four layers of clothing. I've had two periods since that point, but I'm still kinda really worried and it's driving me crazy. I've researched the internet to death and have found mixed answers. I'm really freaked. And now, I'm worried about my next period. My mother who I'm usually "in sink" with when it comes to our menstrual cycles, got her period two days ago. Up till this point I have been using a period tracking app so I know when I'm supposed to get it, but that malfunctioned on me, so now I have no idea when to expect it. My boyfriend helped me try to figure it out by calculating it and we decided I should be getting it today or tomorrow. I've got cramps, but I'm still kinda worried I could be pregnant. Anyone know if that's a possibility, or if I've just stressed myself into being late?
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replied September 20th, 2011
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You won't get pregnant by having dry sex.

Being very stressed or worried can cause a delay in your periods.
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