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had 2 hernia repairs in the past, something is popping out

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My wife has had 2 hernia repairs in the past in her lower obdominal. For the past 2 years she has had something (like a hernia) popping out but after a ct scan she has been told it's not a hernia. She has been put on an urgent waiting list to get a camera put in through her stomach to see what it is.
Has this happened to anyone else. If so what was the outcome.

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replied January 25th, 2012
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It depends upon what it is. Though the CT scan and MRI are very good, they are static shots of the anatomy at the time the images are obtained. There could still be a defect in the abdominal wall, but at that time, there was no bowel protruding through the defect, thus no hernia was detected. But, that does not mean that there isn't something coming through the defect at other times.

Also, while most people take hernia to mean that a loop of bowel is protruding through a defect somewhere in the abdominal wall, hernias can consist of other things. There are muscle hernias, where part of a muscle belly comes through its fascial covering. The term hernia just means a protrusion of a tissue through the wall of the cavity/area in which it is normally contained.

During a laparoscopic evaluation, the abdomen is inflated with carbon dioxide gas, and then a small fiber optic camera is inserted into the abdominal cavity. Other portals can be made so that instruments can be placed. Then, depending upon what is found, the problem can be addressed laparoscopically, or if needed, the surgery can be converted to an open laparotomy.

But, again, the outcome depends upon what is found and how it is treated. Good luck.
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