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had dysthymia my whole life

Dysthymia is a chronic type of depression in which a person's moods are regularly low. However, symptoms are not as severe as with major depression. My symptoms are:
Feelings of hopelessness, Too little/ too much sleep, Low energy or fatigue, Low self-esteem, Poor appetite, Poor concentration/memory. now that you're familiar with it i can do into more detail....i've been like this as long as my depression allows me to remember. i've always had self esteem issues, social anxiety, getting nervous all the time for no reason. i have to get groceries tomorrow and i'm getting nervous just thinking of all the things that could go wrong as i'm driving there. it's ridiculous. i'm gonna be graduating high school and i missed out on a lot because of my dysthymia. i never had real high school/teenage experience which makes me even more depressed. im lonely, jealous of how happy other people's lives are and am always comparing myself to other people to make sure i'm better than them at something. it's gotten to the point where i'm so depressed i don't want to live in my reality anymore so i start daydreaming about a better, different version of me. i do this all day because i have nothing better to do anyway. i'm going to college next year and want to change for the better but it's so damn hard i just go back to sinking into my shell and daydreaming about a better life. i need help..
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replied February 16th, 2013
Hey I see that this post is pretty old but I just came across this and your story sounds similar to what would have been my story at your age. It has been almost a decade since I graduated from high school. Just hang on. Life got so much better even with its ups and downs. I wish I could go back and meet my high school self to tell her the same thing. I do struggle with it still and I am on meds but I was resilient and I am taking control. I wish you all the best. Life will be better because you dream of it.
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