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HAD and asperger's syndrome

Question, im 31 male i belive i suffer from H.A.D.= Hyperactive disorder, this i can deal with as its part of my personality, bbut ive just found out that the boarding school i was sent to was for asperger's syndrome...

so im wondering if any one knows if there is a link between asperger's syndrome and H.A.D ? and do people with asperger's syndrome know they have it, and what exsacly is it? in layman's terms...

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replied May 27th, 2008
Aspberger's syndrome is really just a very mild form of Autism (not so accurate, but you asked for it in layman's terms). There are operating university professor's who've got Aspberger's syndrome. Essentially it's Autism without Mental Retardation and the severely impaired motor skills.

I've never heard of H.A.D, Im not even sure if it's a recognized diagnosis in the diagnostic and statistical manual of mental disorders. But I know that A.D.D. and A.D.H.D are only related to Aspberger's in that they're viewed as mental disorders.

You may be suffering from adult attention deficit disorder, which is just a.d.h.d that's gone undiagnosed. But if it isn't affecting your career or personal life in a negative way, don't worry about it.

Google Aspberger's if you want the full story.
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replied May 30th, 2008
Extremely eHealthy
Many of the neurological and mental disorders can overlap and can be comorbid diagnosis (diagnosis that occur together). This is not uncommon. It is entirely possible to have Asperger's syndrome and have a hyperactive disorder. Do a google search on Asperger's syndrome. There is lots of information about it on the net.
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